How many hours a sleep do we need? Most research shows us that we need 6-8 hours to stay on a schedule and to be healthy and productive. It definitely varies with each individual. I was recently speaking to someone who told me that sleep is so important to them, that they feel it effects them and everyone around them if they don't get enough sleep. That is so true! My thought and experience with this is that we become aware of our own internal clock and we listen to it. Yes, we need to get the laundry done, the bills paid and the lunches made, however we also need to be healthy and energetic so we can get through the day. Most people that I know who do not get enough sleep are sick more often, grumpy and overall just not healthy. Did I also mention that lack of sleep promotes poor eating habits and it tends to make people drink more sugar and caffeine? That's not a good combination. So remember that it's important to get the sleep that YOU need and try to stick to a schedule. You'll be glad you did and so will those around you.