Why Get Fit

Do you know that skinny person who has never exercised in their life and they don't think they need to and you wish that was you? Do you know that overweight person that has no health problems and truly believes that losing weight wouldn't really benefit them. As a Personal Trainer, I have seen all kinds of clients and have trained people that fit in to this category. What I have found is that deep down they know that they should get fit and they are either not ready to go there or as a friend once said to me "the pain of not doing it has to be greater than the pain of actually doing it. Whatever that is??? This is definitely how most people feel when they start to exercise. So why should you get fit? Maybe you're in pain or don't feel well. Joints ache, your body is moving slower or you don't feel good about yourself. Movement heals!!! Choose the right type of exercise for you and you'll feel great and be fit!