The Power of Believing

Are you holding back on your dreams? What is that one thing that you're not doing or sharing?

This was my homework over the last two weeks and I want to share it with you. 

I am really good at what I do. I have passion, desire, experience and talent. But guess what I've struggled with???? BELIEF.

A Lifelong Struggle

I know hard to believe, right? But it's true. For most of my life I have struggled with belief and confidence in myself. Worrying about what others think, thinking that I needed more experience, or that I wasn't good enough.  Everyone around me tells me how good I am and yet I still wonder and worry that I'm not good enough.

What is good enough?

Well I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks. It matters what YOU believe.

I have worked so hard to believe and to have faith and it has changed my world. It has been incredible to see the changes in my life since I started to believe. I have presented at over 10 National Fitness conventions, taught 250 students a step class without a microphone at my very first National conference,  certified over 30 pilates instructors, opened a successful Pilates and sports performance studio,  teach 35-40 clients per week and most importantly have raised two beautiful kids and been married for 18 years! I have survived losing both of my parents before I turned 40 and have gone through a divorce. I've lost friends, broken bones and been completely broke!

The Power of Believing

What is it that you are not sharing or doing? Don't worry about why you are there, just learn how to believe. Thinking positive thoughts is not enough.  You have to  believe in them.  Believing will bring good things to you. The changes are tremendous once you let go and believe.

It's been amazing to me to watch what happens to people who just believe they can do something. I have worked so hard on changing my beliefs and it has enabled me to let go of my fears and share my gift with others. It's such a rewarding job and I can't wait to share it with the world. Don't waste one more minute thinking you can't do something. If you believe it you can achieve it. It is TRUE!

I love helping others reach their goals and achieve their dreams and I get to do that everyday. Now I'm going to do it in a bigger way. Just wait and see.