Always on your a game! Or not?


You know that feeling when you are On Your A Game? Everything is going right; no bumps in your day; no forgotten passwords;  you're on time for everything; you remember all of your to do list items and have completed them too; you've worked out, made all of your meals from home and even gotten out of bed in time and gone to bed on time. It's a great feeling isn't it? How often do you have a day like that? Everyday, once a week, a couple of times a month or several times a year? Can you remember what it felt like? Do you ever reflect back on why you might have had a day like that and how can you repeatedly do that? What were the contributing factors to being on your A game.

I know I've had those days and since hiring a Lifestyle coach several years ago I have definitely taken time to reflect when I have those great days. There is a certain high that you get when it happens that's hard to explain, but what I can tell you is that is in infectious. Some might even call it OCD, but I call it just being productive or better yet On Your A Game! It's what propels an athlete to stardom, or an actor to a winning role or an entrepreneur to greater success, or a student to an A! 

Who wouldn't want that right? Just about everyone we know would want that but at what price? Are you willing to give something up in order to have that feeling? Because that is what it takes. Is it the morning latte you give up so that you save money or have that extra 15 minutes to meditate instead of getting the latte? Is it the night out with your friends so that you can get your workout in at the end of the day? Is it giving up time on social media so that you can write that blog article that you've been promising your marketing expert you would do? There are so many choices we have to make when we decide that we want something bad enough. 

I have two teenagers, a 15 year old girl and a 17 year old boy. Each of them come with their own strengths and challenges. At this moment I am working hard on helping them to see the value of hard work. I myself am a daughter of a Navy, Irish, Catholic father. Need I say more..... With that being said, it has always been ingrained in me to be on time for everything, say my please and thank you's, care for others even if they don't care for you, speak clearly and don't add extra words and to spend carefully. I'm thankful for this and have tried to teach these same lessons to my children. I think it's much tougher when you are a teenager to understand "Always being On Your A Game" because much of your success at a young age has to do with relying on adults and others to help you get to where you want to be. There is not as much control when you are a teenager.

So how do we instill this into ourselves as well as others? I believe it comes from asking them to reflect on what it was that contributed to their attentiveness that day. Were they well rested? Did they eat or drink something different that gave them high energy? Did they have an awesome weekend with family and friends or did they rest and recuperate? Make a list and keep track of it daily, weekly and monthly. Habits are tough to start and they are tough to break. Being on your A game is not just luck, but most of the time a clear attempt to set yourself up for success. Remember the 7 habits of Highly successful people? It was one of the first business books I read and I still refer back to it often. 

Whether you are 15 or 70 years old, you can be On Your A Game most of the time. You just need to understand what got you there in the first place!