The Truth About Fitness Professionals

When you see a fitness professional, whether it is during your weekly Pilates class or at the grocery store, what are some assumptions you make about them?

Fitness professionals never cheat? Yeah, right!

I have heard several assumptions over my years as a fitness instructor.  I have heard that fitness and healthy eating comes easy to some.  I have had students assume that I never fall off the healthy eating wagon.  I have even heard people hint that I am always happy.

Clearly, no one is always happy and while there may be exceptions very few people eat healthy every day of their lives.  And let me tell you, although I have worked in fitness my whole life, fitness and healthy eating doesn’t come easy. Fitness and healthy eating takes commitment.  But even the most committed can fall off the wagon sometimes.

Happy Birthday to me!

For the past two months, I have celebrated my 50th birthday.  You heard that right, two months.  Instead of having one big birthday celebration, I found myself celebrating with friends and family at dinner parties and weekends in Ocean City, D.C. and North Carolina. 

My Favorite Cheat Foods

While many people like to believe that a cheat day for their fitness professional might be too much kale or a single cookie, I am here to tell you I did a great job of celebrating. When I have a cheat day or in this case a cheat month, wine is my choice. Sauvignon Blanc to be exact and maybe a little Rose or Prosecco and amazing margaritas at Mothers in OC too. My idea of eating unhealthy? Big fat greasy smash burgers and grilled potatoes, corn dip with tortilla chips, and red velvet cupcakes.  There’s more, but that’s the gist of it.  What do you think? Pretty good, huh?

Worth Every Minute

The extra calories and even the sluggishness I felt were worth every minute of the time I spent with friends and family.  But I knew I was going to have to commit to a clean eating program of my own as well as a change in my fitness routine. What I didn’t remember was just how bad my body would feel after eating so poorly and this feeling would mean getting back would take more commitment than ever.

Back On The Wagon

For the past week, I have been focusing on getting back on the wagon.  I have been focusing on clean eating and getting back to my regular fitness routine.  My fitness plan involves Pilates 5 days a week, TRX 2 days a week along with kettle bell exercises and plenty of stretching and cardio.  I have been able to add in the Pilates, TRX, kettlebells and stretching but I haven’t been able to get back into the cardio yet.  I will but I am learning to be kind to myself and ease back into things.

I am also back on the healthy eating bandwagon, eating whole foods and planning my meals to meet my nutritional goals.

Being a fitness professional does mean I must live a life of healthy eating and daily exercise but it doesn’t mean I am perfect.  It doesn’t mean I never eat a big juicy smash burger or a heavily iced cupcake.  It means I do it knowing I will have to come back to the lifestyle I have created for myself.


Be kind, compassionate, attentive, inclusive and eat a burger and cupcakes once in a while.

Is it better to look good or feel good?

I have worked with many trainers over the years and have heard them say to their clients "It's better to look good than feel good."

Every time I hear this saying, I cringe.

What price are you paying to look good?

Yes, it's true that typically when we look good, we feel good, however the question is what price is the price we are paying to look good?

I have always believed that we should feel good first. Eat healthy, exercise 5-7 times per week and get 8 hours of sleep. Taking things to extreme to the point where we can't socialize, can't eat anything on the menu and have no energy because we are not consuming enough calories is a bad combination.

I believe you need to be good to yourself.  Have fun while you are exercising so that you not only can do it for a lifetime but will want to do it for a lifetime. And I believe we should enjoy healthy foods that make you feel clean and lean. 

Looking good is great but not at the cost of feeling lousy. The combination of looking good and feeling good cannot be beat.

Finish Strong

Today I had a great workout with 5 really fun guys. Yes, I was the only female today. We all work hard, play hard and love what we do. The best part of the workout for me was that we finished really strong. We were all tired, but wanted to keep going and work harder each set. This is a concept that anyone can benefit from in any aspect of life.  No matter what's going on in your life, no matter how tired you are, just remember to finish strong.