Benefits Of Pilates For Athletes

Why should athletes, young or old, practice Pilates?

The creator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, was an athlete.  He was strong, muscular, flexible and had great uniformity in his body.  He had a unique ability to help others find all of these things within themselves as well.  

The Origins of Pilates

When he moved to the United States after World War II, he came to New York and began training boxers, dancer, gymnasts and circus performers.  He was a movement expert way ahead of his time.  He spent time working on the details and made sure that his work was done the way it should be done for each individual client he trained.  No one client was trained exactly the same. It was this individual attention to each client that made his work so unique.  

Originally called Contrology, Joseph Pilates' method is a series of exercises linked together intelligently with purpose.  It is designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles while incorporating a multitude of principles such as concentration, control, centering, rhythm, breath and flowing movement.

Well Rounded Athletes

Elite athletes have incorporated Pilates in their training programs for years.  It is essential for athletes to be well rounded in their training.  Pilates allows an athlete to improve their overall strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and core stability.  There are not many programs that offer the benefits of Pilates.

I train athletes from the ages of 10-18 and from many disciplines. I work with Irish dancers, basketball, soccer, baseball and football players, as well as runners, cyclists, swimmers and of course triathletes.

The one thing all athletes have in common is the ability to understand the movements and the discipline of the exercises.  

Surprise Benefit of Pilates

One of the added benefits and something many athletes have a hard time understanding is that you may not always feel sore or like you are working really hard but the next day you will feel incredible and be moving much better. Some people even feel taller because their bodies are moving so well. We like to stress that you don't always have to be sore to have completed a great workout.  

Pilates is smart is great for everyone but it can be especially effective and beneficial for athletes.