Active Assessments

Health and Fitness Assessment

At Active Body & Health, we offer Health and Fitness Assessments to help us design tailor-made fitness regimens for each individual client based on the following tests and measurements: 
Body Composition taken by an Active trainer, determined by a skin fold caliper test to determine overall body fat (adipose tissue).

Anthropometric Measurements for height and weight using a tape measure.

Functional tests that measure posture, stability, balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Each assessment lasts approximately one hour. The assessment is the perfect opportunity to look at deeper fitness needs and goals and provide a baseline for overall fitness health.

Simply open, print and fill out the forms. Please bring the forms with you to your appointment .

Active Form - A

Client Information

Active Form - B

Medical and Health History

Active Form - C: these forms to be filled out in our studio

  • Training/Pilates Session
  • Policies & Procedures Registration Form

Active Form - D

Client Consent and Waiver