Diane Hopkins

Comprehensively Certified Peak Pilates Pilates instructor

Diane was “reborn” at the age of 60.   Before losing 75 pounds she was out of shape and effectively diabetic.  She tells us she had been a dedicated non-exerciser up to that point.

At the age of 60 that began to change, she discovered Pilates, gradually found a healthy way of life, and became so enamored with Pilates that she was encouraged to get certified and begin teaching it.

In 2014, she became a comprehensively certified Peak Pilates Instructor under the tutelage and mentorship of  Debi Vincent.

Five years after her quest for fitness began Diane is working toward her final Level 3 Peak Pilates certification, has become a nutrition and weight loss coach and is also beginning the process of getting her Senior Fitness certification so she can help others make the same journey she has made. 

I find there aren’t many trainers in my age bracket, but there are many people who could benefit from targeted exercise programs from someone who has lived it and understands the challenges we face. - Diane Hopkins

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