Sports Performance

Tired of watching your kids on the bench? Tired of taking them to the doctors for injuries that may be preventable? Tired of not knowing what to do next to help your kids with their health and fitness goals? That’s where Active Body & Health comes in. 

We specialize in working with young athletes who are trying to get to the next level in their sport.  Whether they are looking for the leg up in upcoming tryouts or they simply want to be more fit so they can perform better in the game, we can help them.  

As parents we want to see our children succeed but more importantly, we hate to see them hurt.  Don’t risk injury, get them stronger before tryouts or the start of the season. 

Our trainers work with kids to get quicker, stronger and faster in a methodical way that enables them to prevent injury.  We take into consideration their age, gender and growth process. No kid grows the same.  ACL, along with many other knee injuries are on the rise.  At Active Body and Health we believe many of these injuries can be avoided with the proper training during their off seasons.

Our trainers have the experience to design individual programs to meet the athletes needs for their specific sport.

In addition, if you have a team you would like us to work with, we can do that too, while still maintaining a focus on each individual athlete's needs.


Pricing Guide*

5-10 Athletes

  • $90 per athlete per month for 1x a week (4 Sessions)
  • $130 per athlete per month 2x a week (8 Sessions)

10-15 Athletes

  • $75 per athlete per month for 1x a week (4 Sessions)
  • $110 per athlete per month 2x a week (8 Sessions)

15+ Team Training 2 Trainers

  • $1280 for 1 month 8 Sessions
  • $2560 for 16 Sessions

Group and team training prices are for the month.  No drop in rates available. For small group training 4-5 athletes with one trainer the cost is per athlete per session.  Appointments will be made based on group and trainer availability.

Inclement weather decisions will be made by Active and the coaches.  There will be makes sessions if Active has to cancel for any reason.

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