Pilates Staycation

Three worlds come together, but not really very different worlds. Join three passionate, highly professional, committed instructors who have come together to share our love of the Pilates Method. Our paths have crossed many times over the years and we suddenly found ourselves all studio owners and have become fast friends. We each have over 20 years teaching experience and are respected in the industry. Our educations are different, yet the same. We are all classically trained from different schools with slightly different theories and teaching styles, but we share the same passion. Picture a tree with Joseph Pilates as the trunk and our various schools as the branches. We may have different philosophies or teaching styles but, at the root, is Joe.

We decided that it would be nice to have a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of life, offering Pilates, massage, meditation and nutrition.  We believe that Pilates should be inclusive, Pilates is for EVERYONE and Pilates is exercise for a LIFETIME.  Join us for two days in Baltimore to get away, do more Pilates, treat yourself to some healthy food and meditation and enjoy the camaraderie of new friends!

Saturday, February 25th

10:00am to 5:30pm

Schedule coming soon!

Saturday morning will begin with a Pilates mat class for all attendees. After stretching and strengthening our bodies, we will break out for the first workshop of the day. After our morning workshop, we will convene for a healthy lunch catered by the Sheraton followed by a panel discussion with all your Pilates instructors. Answers to questions such as “What led you to Pilates?” and “Why?” and more from teachers from all different backgrounds. During the last class of the day, challenge yourself on the Wunda chair or dive deeper into the matwork in a fundamentals class.
After a break, during which you can grab dinner downtown, do a bit of shopping at the Inner Harbor or enjoy a massage from our visiting massage therapist, you are welcome to join us for a movie night. We will be screening “A Movement of Movement” a film about the essence of Pilates. Popcorn will be served!

Sunday, February 26th

8:00am to 1:00pm

Schedule coming soon!

Sunday will begin with an early morning meditation to focus our energies on the day ahead. Everyone is welcome to join us for a healthy breakfast catered by the wonderful chefs at the Sheraton. The first session of the morning will be a choice between a Reformer on the Mat class, a Pilates Mat with Props class or for those who want less sweat, we will screen “A Movement of Movement” a second time. The final session of the weekend will be a Wunda chair class or……Zumba! What could be a better way to end your weekend than with a little hip shaking, heart pumping dance class?

The Details…

Register by December 26th and get the SPECIAL EARLY BIRD RATE!

This could make a wonderful holiday gift!

Saturday, February 25th (one day only):  $250

Sunday, February 26th (one day only):  $200

The Full Weekend:  $400

Register between December 27th and February 1st and get the standard early bird rate!

Saturday, February 25th (one day only):  $275

Sunday, February 26th (one day only):  $225

The Full Weekend:  $450

Register between February 1st and 20th!

Please note the last day to register is February 20th!

Saturday, February 25th (one day only):  $300

Sunday, February 26th (one day only):  $250

The Full Weekend:  $500


Price includes all workshops, classes, food AND a swag bag!

If you would like to stay overnight, please contact the Sheraton Inner Harbor directly at 410.962.8300 or at 888.627.7061.  The cost for a room is $149 per night and IS NOT INCLUDED in the price for the weekend.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that you would need to cancel please make note of the following information.

  • Cancellations received prior to January 15th will get 50% of your registration fee returned.
  • Cancellations received between January 16th and February 21st will get 25% of your registration fee returned.
  • There will be NO REFUNDS given after February 21st.


Meet the Instructors

Kim Kandra

Owner of Kimmotion Pilates


Originally from Westchester County, New York, Kim graduated from Hamilton College with a BA in Dance and began her career as a professional modern dancer.  She performed and choreographed for companies in New York, Chicago and Maryland.  After the birth of her five children, she discovered that the Pilates method helped to bring back the flexibility, strength and tone that she needed in her career.  Kim became certified as a Power Pilates Mat instructor in 2003 and completed PPS – II with Peak Pilate 2010.  She bridged from Peak in order to complete the 600-hour Comprehensive program through Power Pilates in 2011.  In September of 2014, Kim passed the Pilates Method Alliance Instructor Examination.  Most recently, Kim took the Pilates for MS and other Neurological Conditions certification course because she truly believes Pilates can help to maintain quality of life and well being.  Kim continues to train regularly in Pilates along with dancing because movement is the key to good health.

Jennifer Politte.jpg

Jennifer Politte

Owner of Pilates on the Bay

I never could sit down

I love to move and started my journey into movement as a dancer in college.  It was, however, after a long dreaded, but required course in anatomy and physiology that I discovered my fascination with the human body and how it works.  I suppose, in many ways, this was my first step on the road to Pilates.

And then

After college, while pursuing my dance career, I studied massage therapy.  This not only deepened my understanding of anatomy, but it began to train my eye to see the body from the inside out.  I love massage therapy, but I missed the movement.

Intro, Pilates

In my ongoing exploration of movement, I stumbled onto Pilates.  Being a dancer, I had heard of Pilates, but had not yet experienced it.  I signed up for a private session and that was IT! I was hooked! I fell in love, not just with the movement, but the mental aspect of the work. Doing Pilates, I had to be in the moment and focused.  My mind and body coordinated at all times.  I was amazed at the power the mind has over the body and how the body responds to the mind.  When the mind and body work together you become capable of doing things you never thought possible.  I would (and still do) leave my sessions with my mind focused and clear and my body worked out and energized.

My credentials

I am a third generation instructor in the lineage of Joseph Pilates.  I have been a practitioner of Pilates since 2004 and have been teaching professionally since 2005 after having completed a 700 hour comprehensive teacher training program in Classical Pilates.

I have continued my studies with The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO (considered the “Harvard” of Pilates schools).  I completed their Master’s Program in 2012 and their Bridge Program in 2013.  Additionally, I am a Host Advisor for The Pilates Center, enabling me to mentor Trainees of the The Pilates Center’s teacher training program.

I continue to participate in classes and workshops as I believe the best way to grow as a teacher is to be a student.  Besides, I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

Debi Vincent Headshot.jpg

Debi Vincent

Owner of Active Body and Health


Debi Vincent is the owner of Active Body & Health Inc., a Personal Training, Pilates and Sports Performance facility located in Severna Park, MD. She is a recognized leader in the fitness industry and is regularly called upon to share her knowledge and expertise with other trainers across the country.

As a Comprehensively Certified Pilates Instructor through Peak Pilates, a Nationally Certified personal trainer, group exercise, zumba and spinning instructor, Debi has spent more than 20 years in the industry as a trainer, educator and competitor. She holds a degree in Fitness Management from Lock Haven University as well as several fitness certifications. As a competitor, Debi has been a national aerobics competitor, regional champion, and a highly competitive collegiate gymnast. Her specialized training and competitive experience, coupled with her energy, enthusiasm, and passion for sharing knowledge, have been the foundation of her successful business. She has numerous dedicated clients who are continuously inspired by her enthusiasm, knowledge, and constant support.

Since opening Active Body & Health Inc., in 2003, Debi and owner husband Dave have grown the business from a 1000 sq foot facility to a newly designed and upgraded 2000 sq ft facility that offers more group fitness classes, personal training, and Pilates instruction, as well as the A3 Sports Performance Program designed for athletes seeking to develop and improve their skills in their prospective sports.

Active Body and Health is proud to be an Education Center for Peak Pilates, offering only the best in quality Pilates Instructor Education. Debi is an Instructor Trainer for Peak and has an extensive background in trainer education.

This event promises to be an exciting weekend for everyone.  We hope you can join us for this wonderful weekend of Pilates, rejuvenation and fun!