Maureen and Ellie

As a professional Irish dancer and teacher, I know well the importance of engaging my core muscles to keep integrity in my dance performance. I have been taking private lessons with Debi once a week over the past year to help ensure that I have both the strength and flexibility to be able to teach Irish dance 20+ hours every week and also be able to perform onstage at shows. I've been actively performing since graduating college in 1997, and am still going strong! Debi's instruction is helping me to stay healthy, to maintain peak physical performance, and to prevent injuries. Her lessons are not only benefiting me, they are benefitting my students, too!

Maureen Gately, Teelin School of Dance

Active has transformed by body. Working out was hard for me--hard to schedule, hard to get motivated, and hard to do because I was out of shape. Cyndi and Debi gave me the personal attention I needed and held me accountable. They made working out fun even as they made it more and more challenging. You can't hide in the back of a big class at Active. Instead, you get the most from every workout. Ninety days later, I feel like a completely different person.

M McShea

With my upcoming wedding the end of August I stared the Beach Body Program in mid-June wanting some encouragement to loose a few pounds.  Little did I know that it would be the loss of inches rather then the scale that would be the most gratifying. We started the program in June with the weigh-in/ body measurement which was an eye opener. At some point I lost track of my weight gain, but with my clothing becoming too tight this was the final straw in pushing me forward to start the program.

The exercises on the Brazilian Butt Lift were tough at first, but became easier with daily workouts.  I try to walk my dog each day and then do either the DVD with exercises or ride my stationary bike 25 minutes. The exercises were what acceleratedthe inches lost...what a great feeling!!!!  Shakeology following the workouts is very refreshing and satisfying...I do not miss breakfast at all.  I then eat very small amounts of healthy foods frequently during the rest of the day, with a balanced dinner meal in the evening.  This has worked in keeping me satisfied and not feeling hungry. 
The staff at Active has been so very helpful and encouraging at a time when one is not feeling very secure of oneself.  The weekly workouts have been so helpful keeping me on track due to the staff's reinforcement. 
---Cinda Maul

I started using Shakeology in January 2012 and after 5 months have lost 35 pounds.  It is an integral part of my transition to a healthier lifestyle.  Along the way I compared Shakeology with other products and nothing even comes close.  None of this matters if it were not for the Challenge Program and the staff at Active Body & Health.   I always considered myself a weak person (mentally and physically) when it came to fitness training.  I stumbled into the program and was immediately hooked. So many times I thought to myself that I could never do this or that and then I did.  They made me stronger.  The staff at Active Body & Health are in the business of helping people.  What sets them apart in this mission is the idea that they genuinely care about all of their clients.

---Mark Tacyn


Peggy passed away in 2016 and it was one of the biggest losses we at Active have every faced. Peggy was and still is a true inspiration to all of us. This is the testimonial that Peggy wrote for us.

2011 has been a great year. I have made an investment of time and money to get my body back in shape and it's been so worth it. I will turn 70 in December and I've never felt better.

I retired from teaching in 2003 after a 38 year career and am loving life. My wonderful family — daughter, son-in-law and three fabulous grandchildren — live in NY just outside of Manhattan, close enough for me to see them often.

I am an avid tennis player. I'm a team captain and league coordinator of several of the USTA women's leagues in AACo. Have tennis racquet, will travel: to the National Senior Olympics, to the Super Senior National Championships (my team came in third place), to tennis camps. Did I say I love tennis? It's a huge part of my life and I love that my daughter and grandchildren all love tennis, too.

When I'm not on the tennis court or at Active Body and Health or cooking for my friends, I'm making pottery at the ceramics studio at AACC. I've been a potter since the 60's and still love making functional pottery.

In 2010, I had serious back problems. The back pain and sciatica kept me from doing the things I loved. My pain management doctor recommended Pilates and after 8 months at Active, working with Debi twice a week, I was pain-free! I decided to do more strength training and signed up for Total Body Conditioning with Dave. At first, I could do about 65% of what the other, young women could do. Now I'm up to 90% and it's a fabulous workout. Keeping up with these terrific 30 and 40-year-olds makes me very proud, not to mention that I see the results on the tennis courts.

—Peggy Sange 


I've been doing pilates weekly for about a year and a half and cannot believe how much stronger I have become!

Initially I came to you with a moderate level of chronic back pain due to scoliosis. This pain is really 80% gone since I've been doing pilates! Pilates, for me, has now become an essential piece to my fitness regime. I am amazed that more people don't know about or practice this form of exercise, as it is so beneficial to one's overall health. Thanks for giving me three free sessions back in 2009 — I will be a lifetime client!

—Karin Mitchell


Getting Results at Active Body & Health!

I have been a Pilates client of Active Body and Health since February 2008 and have enjoyed every session! Most importantly, I have fun, but I also see and feel the difference in my physical strength, my posture and flexibility. I experience a fulfilling workout without pain and Debi does a wonderful job of keeping me motivated. Debi gauges your abilities and adapts the exercises as appropriate. The workouts are varied to keep each session interesting and challenging. Debi ensures that I am doing the exercises correctly and encourages me to challenge myself. Debi and her staff care about their clients and inspire them to reach their goals. I highly recommend Active Body and Health!



I had been trying to get fit for years...

with very little success before coming to Active Body and Health. I did personal training at many different places, including other studios and bigger gyms, but I was never happy before coming here. I used to dread working out and made very poor eating choices, and I was beginning to think that I was stuck in a fitness rut. With the help of the Vincents, I now make healthier (and happier) choices in my life. I went from dreading workouts to actually missing them when I am away. In about nine months of "Getting Active," I've lost nearly fifty pounds and gained so much strength. Active Body and Health gave me all the tools I needed to make a positive change in my life and I wouldn't give up my experience here for anything.


Incredible changes...

Since I have been working out with the trainers at Active Body and Health, I have seen such incredible changes in my body. My muscle tone, strength and endurance have increased significantly.

I love the smaller studio size and the individual training I receive.

—Shari Warner

He was stronger, more explosive...

Training with Dave and Debi at Active Body & Health helped our son to strengthen all the muscles necessary to raise his game to the next level. After training with them for just over a month he noticed that he was stronger, more explosive, and had much better endurance.

—Dave Rosenthal