Yoga For Athletes

You have been promising yourself for years to start yoga.  Injury after injury you are reminded of the need to add yoga to your routine. Now's you chance to make good on your promise

We are once again pleased to welcome one of the leading yoga instructors in Maryland, Jan St. Lawrence to our studio to teach a six-week course on Yoga For Athletes.  

Whether you are a weekend warrior trying to avoid injuries or a student athlete trying to build strength and flexibility and enhance your athletic prowess this six week course is perfect for you.  During this 6 week course you will begin to improves you strength, balance and flexibility. 

 Get started with this 6-week program and start a lifelong yoga habit. For more information call 410-518-6566

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An Athlete's Thoughts On Yoga

"In my opinion, EVERY athlete - irrespective of sport or discipline - has the potential to enhance his or her ability by adopting a consistent yoga practice. I'd go so far as to say that if you're not practicing yoga, you're competing at a disadvantage and missing an opportunity to enhance peak performance." - Rich Roll, Two Time Ultraman Top Finisher